Thank You for your membership site subscription

Thank You for your membership site subscription to Think and Grow Rich book (Original 1937 Edition) by Napoleon Hill – and Forum !

Currently, the Forum is a page where subscribers comment.  In future, if needed, a more sophisticated forum with individual threads will be provided.

Below are instructions on how to get started and get access to the membership website.  Follow each step carefully.

1 .  You must complete Membership Checkout by filling out the form on the following page (click on following link):  Membership Levels (and checkout) .

On the Membership Levels page click on the SELECT button that is next to the level you subscribed for.  (You will then be taken to the Membership Checkout page).

Fill out the form.

Click on SUBMIT AND CONFIRM button at bottom of that page.

(You are now able to access the membership website).


Go to

To go to the Think and Grow Rich ebook:  On the sidebar, click on the link that says Think and Grow Rich – Foreward – Table of Contents.

To go to the Forum:   On the sidebar, click on the link that only says Think and Grow Rich – Forum.



When you log out, use the instructions below to be able to log in to your account again.

2 .  You will get a Membership Confirmation email with a link to log into your membership account (if you don’t get that email in your inbox, check your spam and trash and bulk and all-mail folders).  (Keep that email in a place where you can find it easy again).

Click on that link (that link will take you to a page asking for your username and password).  Fill out the form.  Click on LOG IN.



Keep this window open, you may need to read the instructions again.

After you log out of your account, practice logging in again, so you get the hang of it.

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