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Think and Grow Rich (original 1937 edition)

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich (original 1937 edition) book and Membership website with forum – Mastermind group is available from here. An incredible resource to have access to the book and join a community mastermind group. You can get a subscription to that membership website, the subscription gives you access to the password protected membership website where you can read the book, and you can also participate in the forum for the bookBy 2011, over 70 million copies of this book had been sold worldwide.

Use the forum to be your mastermind to better understand the concepts in the book. Have other community members help you understand the concepts to be rich, have success. “Rich” meaning to be able to have success in something, it doesn’t have to be about money. An example is you want to have success in losing fat/weight. That success involves the “physical”. Someone else may want more success in something “emotional”. Someone else may want more success in something “intellectual”, to be a better physicist for example. It has to do with some kind of accomplishment. “Success” in some kind of accomplishment.

Mastermind Group – Think and Grow Rich membership website forum

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Mastermind group

Think of the forum in a sense as your mastermind for understanding the book. You can interact with other community members. The forum is intended to understand what Napoleon Hill is saying, the concepts, etc. he suggests. You can also use the forum to share concepts, etc. that you used to be successful. The community can expand on the concepts that Napoleon Hill teaches, so they can be better equipped to achieve what they would like to achieve. Learn other concepts from other members actual experiences, to help you to be “rich”. Other concepts that other community members used to be “rich”, that aren’t taught in Think and Grow Rich.  The forum is not a place to form your specific mastermind for your specific goal, rather its intent is to share concepts, etc. that have proven to be successful in helping a person reach their goal. Be careful what you say and expose in the forum, not revealing too much specific info about your specific goal or intended goal, so no one else takes your idea and uses it; For example, talking about a new idea you have about making money. Someone could take your idea and use it for themselves to make money. The forum is to help each member of the community learn concepts to help them succeed.

People can really use a specific mastermind group, there’s people who are out of work and an income, they have energy, and some things (characteristics) to make a living, but sometimes they waste time doing worthless pursuits, or things that aren’t effective to get them to their financial goal. The goal may be to just get out of debt and make an honest living. They say 2 heads are better than 1. 3 heads are better than 2, … you get the idea. If someone just had some good guidance, he could move toward his goal in a good effective way. Again, this forum for this website is not intended to be your specific mastermind for your specific goal, that would be way too much, and beyond the scope of this forum.

You can buy the Think and Grow Rich book, but if you combine that with a good mastermind “group” to understand the book, it’ll be more effective for you to accomplish your goal. You form an alliance with other group members of your mastermind to understand the book.

I created  a community for a mastermind to understand the book, that you can get access to from this page. Have other members of the community act as your mastermind for the understanding of Think and Grow Rich. Think of it as a “meetup meeting” to meet with the mastermind. The community puts their minds together, which forms the mastermind.


Think and Grow Rich (1937 original edition) book and forum – membership website

napoleon hill think and grow rich forum

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Think and Grow Rich (original 1937 edition) book and Forum – Subscribe to Membership website

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Get started and join the community to have success. Get a subscription to the Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich (original 1937 edition) book Membership website with forum (mastermind), and I believe you’ll be able to accomplish more quickly what you wanna accomplish.

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