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 Think and Grow Rich Book (Original 1937 Edition) by Napoleon Hill – and Forum – Membership Site

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Go to this Affiliate images page, where you can save images to your computer (this page you’re on right now won’t allow you to save images to your computer) .


think and grow rich book cover_12-22-13_jpg          think and grow rich book cover_12-22-13_jpg          mastermind group meeting


Analyze People By Looking Ebook – Images


How to Analyze People on Sight_Elsie Benedict            How to Analyze People on Sight_Elsie Benedict

how to analyze people by looking             how to analyze people by looking


More images are planned to be added in near future.


Tips To Succeed

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75% affiliate commissions is usually offered. That is great commission!

To get tips on many things to help you succeed as an affiliate, check out the Clickbank Blog. Another great way to find out about how to get traffic to your affiliate offer, is basically start getting curious about how to get traffic, you can google HOW TO GET TRAFFIC or a similar phrase, google provides really relevant results usually, and the higher the page is shown on the search results page, usually the better the info there is, for your search.

SolutionsEbooksDOTcom provides effective affiliate tips.

Also, when creating a page for an affiliate offer, keep it simple, only make 1 offer on each webpage, this will help the prospective buyer to just concentrate on that offer, instead of being sidetracked to any other offer you may have on that page, and if you have more than 1 offer on the page, the buyer make be faced with indecision as to which offer to buy. So for example, you are selling a specific ebook on a webpage, don’t offer any more ebooks on that webpage for the prospective buyer to buy. You can create other webpages for other ebooks you have to sell, keeping each ebook offer on a specific webpage.

When you find something that works and you are making sales, keep that strategy in mind, and maybe there is a way to re-use that strategy in some way to make more sales.

Taking action is really important, instead of just reading on the internet or elsewhere, without taking action. Got an idea? Don’t procrastinate, try out that idea today, if it doesn’t work, go on to the next idea.


If you are looking for keywords for promoting a product, see the sales page of the product to get ideas.


If you need assistance or would like to be an affiliate, email.


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